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Before you continue, please read the following:

1. Rands will be put on at the discretion of the cobbler. They will only be put on if necessary. Assume you need them when considering the cost of your repairs. 

2. We DO NOT repair shoes formerly resoled by other resolers. We will mail them back to you unrepaired.

3. We will not repair Drago models from Scarpa or Chaco sandals

4. You must send in BOTH shoes in a pair.

5. Ensure your return address is completely correct and is a reliable address or PO Box to ship to- If your shoes are returned to sender/our shop, then you will pay the shipping fee again. All shoes are mailed via USPS. 

Return Shipping on Climbing Resoles

Starting in September 2023 we will ONLY take La Sportiva and Scarpa brand climbing shoes. 
*They're superior, last longer, less of a pain to work on. 
Thanks for respecting our business choice and not asking us for exceptions to the rule.

Now offering up to $600 additional shipping insurance!!

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