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Local Shoe Repair By Locals

Valley Shoe Repair is owned and operated by Dave Berumen (he/him) and managed by Caileen Brandt (she/her). So&So is the shop dog.


We are continuing a long tradition of shoe repair and climbing shoe resoling in the Morongo Basin, after taking over Del's Shoe and Leather Repair in 2019. We are dedicated to providing residents and visitors quality repairs at a reasonable price. We offer a vast range of repair services; from saddle and tack and western boots to high-end designer bags and stilettos. Dave started out in this trade with rock shoe resoling; it's an integral part of who we are and what we do!


As climbers, we understand the nuance and detail required to expertly resole your climbing shoes. And as boot enthusiasts, we understand what your favorite pair means to you. Whatever you need repairing, we will do our best to find a solution or help you find the right expert cobbler and tailor for the job. 

We will never tell you to do a repair that isn't needed nor would we say yes to a service you're asking for that we know wouldn't be worth your money or time. We value sustainability, resourcefulness, and integrity.


Flophouse Resoles History

Flophouse Resoles started in 2014 in Joshua Tree after Dave spent several years of apprenticeship under long time local resoler, Pat Dennis. In 2019 he bought Del’s Shoe Repair in Yucca Valley. In 2023, the shop rebranded under one new name, Valley Shoe Repair. 


Del's Shoe Repair History

Del’s Shoe Repair was started by Del Moss over 40 years ago. In 2018, Dave began apprenticing with Del and after a year bought the business when Del retired. In 2019 Flophouse Resoles, Dave’s previous business, joined the shop. In 2023, the two businesses rebranded under one new name, Valley Shoe Repair. 

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