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Bags, Tack, Jackets, Purses Repair Services

We offer a wide range of repairs for bags, purses, tack, cloth or leather items, from installing rivets and grommets, to reinforcing weak spots, to cleaning. Please refer to the list below for a nearly complete list of services. If you do not see the service, give us a call during business hours or stop in the shop to receive a consultation to determine if we can do the repair and how much it will cost. It is best to bring your items into the shop for an accurate estimate.


Misc Repair

Replacing or installing elastic - $25 and up

Re-glue - $10 and up


Saddle soap (cleaning for leather) - $15 and up 

Saddle soap and shine - $25 and up

Spot cleaning (results vary) - $15 and up


Vertical Jacket zipper (large) - $100

Medium zipper - $50 

Purse Zipper $40 and up 

Zipper replacement - $40 and up 

Zipper slider - $20 


Snaps - $15 per 

Rivets, Grommets, Eyelets - $10 per 


Sew on patch - $10 and up

Re-stitch - $10 and up 

Special Orders

For example, replacing handles on a purse or bag, especially of a particular color, means we typically need to make a special order, which will require shipping cost and additional time. 

We take payment upfront.

We will call you when your repairs are done (save our #).

If you do not pick up your items within 90 days, they become our property and you can buy them back from us or find them at the local thrift store.



*With any repair, upon opening up an item for repairs (e.g. removing the sole of a shoe, removing stitching from a bag, etc...) the interior may reveal disintegrating fabric or leather, crumbling material, or otherwise too far gone structure to the extent that the repair cannot be made. We will provide up to half of the cost of the repair as a refund. Note that this is a risk you take and we are not held responsible for the quality of the items you bring in. It is our goal to make all repairs work and last!

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