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Authorized Birkenstock Retailer

We were lucky enough to inherit the Birkenstock retail account from Del. We carry a small but essential Birkenstock selection located outside Los Angeles in the Morongo. We currently carry Arizona sandals (in Tabacco and Taupe) and Boston clogs in gorgeous oiled leather Habana. Our prices are the retail recommendation set by Birkenstock. Taxes not included.

You can order these over the phone for now. Call us.


Boston ~ Habana

This clog is the definition of cozy comfort. We choose to stock it because it's a classic and tis the season for socks and clogs. These have recently gone viral on TikTok too! They're hard to find. 


*Price will raise to $155 as of March 2023 according to Birkenstock

Arizona ~ Taupe

These are the sandals you wish you bought the first time. They're soft leather, no need for breaking them in. That's it. They're perfect. And yes, wear them with socks. Who is stopping you?



Arizona ~ Tabacco

These are a firmer leather - if you want something that's a bit more tough, that will mold to your beautiful feet over time, making you want to resole them over and over because they. are. yours... These are for you!


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