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Authorized Birkenstock Retailer & Repair Shop

We carry a small but essential Birkenstock selection located outside Los Angeles in the Morongo Basin.


We currently carry Arizona sandals (in Tabacco and Taupe) and Boston clogs in oiled Habana and Taupe, and EVA sandals. If you just can't stay away from water, these are a great option: they're waterproof, lightweight, and shock-absorbing. 

Want a different style? We can order single pairs to our shop just for you! 

Birkenstock Services

Whether a 3 or 30 year old Birks, the leather is likely in good enough shape to reuse! Why throw away  perfectly good materials for a new item when you can reuse it? Some folks say, "Well, I may as well buy a new pair..." It's a values call. You could be throwing away good material, making a bigger carbon footprint, supporting a large international corporation, and paying taxes on a new purchase!
Stick it to The Man by repairing something old and supporting a local, small business.


Cork Repair ~ $10-20

If the cork is looking dry and starting to crumble, we can use cork filler to patch it up! We finish every cork repair with a layer of water resistant Cork Renew.


Resole ~ $70-80

If your cork bed is in good shape (no structural cracking or otherwise failing) and the materials are sound, then we can remove the old sole and put on a new sole.


Rebuild ~ $120-125

It happens; cork beds crack eventually. Other wear can cause a resole or cork repair to simply not cut it. If that's the case, a complete rebuild is possible! Save on sales tax, keep something out of the landfill, and support a small business in a dying craft.

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