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Shoe Repair Near Joshua Tree National Park

Pioneer Town Rd and Hwy 62; across from Frontier Cafe
Yucca Valley, CA

Valley Shoe Repair


We do business on the ancestral land of the Yuhaviatam - Maarenga'yam people (Serrano) and the Cahuilla people. The Serrano and Cahuilla people live on despite genocide, land theft, forced servitude and displacement, and government deceit.

Shoe Repair Near Joshua Tree

Valley Shoe Repair is 8 miles west of Joshua Tree. At Valley Shoe Repair,  you can get your climbing shoes resoled, boots repaired and your leather items can be fixed. 

Many climbers drop off their climbing shoes for resoling and rand repair. You have the choice to pick them up at the shop or have them shipped back to you. 

Joshua Tree National Park has become one of the most visited national parks in the United States, ranking at the 10th most commonly visited in 2020. Rock climbing, hiking, photography, and camping are the most popular activities in the park. 

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