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VSR Climbing Shoe Resoles California

Why choose us?
Dave has been perfecting his craft for over 10 years. As a climber himself, he understands the precision required for a high quality resole. And as the only cobbler, every shoe is resoled by him, insuring consistent, high quality repairs. Since hiring Caileen as our manager in 2022, we have streamlined ordering and shipping; you can now expect prompt communication through phone, email, and website chat.


How to Mail-in Climbing Shoes


Step 1: Buy a return shipping label for your shoes from the SHOP page (this gets your info and preferences into our system) 


Step 2 : Package and ship shoes to our shop using the carrier of your choice

Valley Shoe Repair

55831 29 Palms Highway

Yucca Valley, CA 92284 


Step 3: Pay the invoice for the repair charges that we send to your email.


When your shoes are done and shipped, you will receive an email with tracking info.

Turn Around Time
Check Instagram and FB for week-by-week updates. 
6-8 weeks.

Since September 2023 we ONLY take La Sportiva, Butora, Unparallel, and Scarpa brand climbing shoes. 
*They're superior, last longer, less of a pain to work on. 
Thanks for respecting our business ch
oice and not asking us for exceptions to the rule. 

You will see these listed on the emailed invoice

Half Soles

5.10 C4 4.2mm - $55  out of stock

5.10 C4 5.5mm - $55 

La Sportiva Edge 4mm - $55

La Sportiva Grip 4mm - $55

No Edge - Half Soles

No edge (e.g. Theory) - $70

Approach Shoes

Full Resole - $70

Patch  - $15-$25 

*We no longer do Chacos!

Split Sole- Half Soles

5.10 C4 4.2mm - $60 

La Sportiva Grip 4mm - $60

La Sportiva Edge 4mm $60

Rand Replacement (learn more about rands at the bottom of this page)

Rand replacement (TOE CAP) - $35 

Large Rand Replacement - $50

*Rands replaced at discretion of the cobbler. 

**You may request a large rand 

***Large rand may be deemed necessary by the cobbler 

Misc Repair

Reglue - $10

Stitch - $10-$30 

Straps *eg. Solutions - $30 pair

Miura or TC Pro laces replacement: $10 

Climbing Shoe Services Agreement

1. Rands (toe cap or large rand) will be put on at the discretion of the cobbler. They will only be put on if necessary. Assume you need them when considering the cost of your repairs. 

2. We DO NOT repair shoes formerly resoled by other resolers. We will mail them back to you unrepaired. 

3. We will not repair Drago models from Scarpa or Chaco sandals.

4. You must send in BOTH shoes in a pair.

5. Ensure your return address is completely correct and is a reliable address or PO Box to ship to- If your shoes are returned to sender/our shop, then you will pay the shipping fee again. All shoes are mailed via USPS. 

6. We only resole La Sportiva, Scarpa, Unparallel, and Butoras.


Acceptable Shoe Resoles

No holes through the shoe in any capacity. All stitching under the rubber, if exposed, is FULLY in tact. 
If after looking through all of these photos you are still unsure, EMAIL us photos at

Need more images? Click here.

Not Repairable Shoes, Too Far Gone

Pay close attention to the first two images in the gallery to the left. Click to expand if you're on a desktop.


If you mail them to us and they are too far gone for our policy, we will mail them back to you without repairing them and you will not be reimbursed for shipping.

Why do you even need rand replacement or repair? 

The rand is the rubber that goes under the half sole. If the rand is thin or has a hole, then repair is necessary for the half sole rubber to properly set onto the shoe. If we didn't replace the rand, the half sole would fail. We don't make much profit doing the rand repairs because of how much time it takes to do the repair, so know that we only do it if necessary! 

Why would I bother getting a large rand? 

First, look at the image below. Notice the thin line cresting over the toe box; that is the toe cap rand repair. You probably noticed that the toe area is the part of the shoe that wears the most and this is the part of the shoe that get's 'blown out' or gets a hole through the half sole, then the rand layer, and hopefully not into the leather core. Toe cap replacements work great, but if you're edging a lot or if you're a toe dragger, there's obvious weak points where the old and new rand meet. It's a seam. Seams are weaker than a solid piece of material. 

Large rands replace the whole section of rand from about the ball of the foot to past the pinky toe (see examples below). 


Toe cap rand replacement
See the seam across the toe box

Below are two examples of large rand replacements
The rand is replaced all the way across the front and down past the toe box, see blue marks indicating the end of the new rand.


Below is a comparison 
The new large rand on the left shoe; used toe cap on the right

rand toe cap and large side by side_edit

The video below = TOO FAR GONE!

More on rands...


Ross B.

"Great service. I got a rand replacement on my climbing shoes and they are perfect. The shapes of the shoe didn’t change at all and you can only tell that the rands have been replaced on close inspection."

Want to learn more about resoling?

Check out this article from The Undercling! 

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