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VSR Climbing Shoe Resoles California

We are dedicated to keeping you moving confidently through the vertical world.

Usually the highest wear area is at the tip of the shoe (big toe area). If you wear through the sole rubber and into the underlying rand rubber (or through to the leather) you will need the rands replaced. Sometimes you cannot see a hole and the rands still need replacing. All repairs will be listed on the invoice sent through email.

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Turn Around Times

Orders with NO Rand Replacement needed on any pair: 
3-4 weeks

Orders with any pair needing Rand Replacement: 
6-7 weeks

Acceptable Shoe Resoles

Unacceptable Shoe Resoles

If you are in doubt about whether your shoes are able to resoled, please send us an email with photos. If you mail them to us and we determine they are too far gone for our policy, we will mail them back to you without repairing them. 

Half Soles

5.10 C4 4.2mm - $40 

5.10 C4 5.5mm - $45 

La Sportiva Edge 4mm - $45

La Sportiva Grip 4mm - $45

Split Sole- Half Soles

5.10 C4 4.2mm - $45 

La Sportiva Grip 4mm - $50

La Sportiva Edge 4mm $50 

Approach Shoes

Full Resole - $65

Patch  - $10-$20 

Rand Replacement

Rand replacement - $30 

*the rand is the rubber that curves up over the toe. Even if there isn't a visible hole, it may need to be replaced 

No Edge - Half Soles

No edge (e.g. Theory) - $65

Misc Repair

Reglue - $10

Stitch - $10-$30 

What Our Customers Say

Skyeler C.

Easily the best resoler in the business. I’ve sent in shoes to pretty much everyone and Dave’s work is unmatched. He is a Jedi with tc pros but his resole of my butoras was equally impressive. Last resole took about 6 weeks since I think the secret is out that Flophouse is the best! Worth the wait!!

Climbing Shoe Services Agreement

Important information before continuing:

1. Rands will be put on at the discretion of the cobbler. They will only be put on if necessary. Assume you need them when considering the cost of your repairs. Refunds for rands will be issued if the cobbler finds no rands are required upon service time.

2. We will not repair Drago models from Scarpa. 

3. We will not repair shoes formerly resoled by other resolers. 

4. You must send in BOTH shoes in a pair* 

5. If all pairs dropped off or mailed in do not require rand replacement, then they will be put to the front of the line and returned in less time than the posted turn-around date.

6. Ensure your return address is completely correct and is a reliable address or PO Box to ship to- If your shoes are returned to sender/our shop, then you will pay the shipping fee again. We do not alter your shipping address, it is automated based on what you fill out on the Shipping Order form.

After determining what rubber you want for each pair of shoes, click below to pay for your return shipping cost.

*If you have a health condition that requires otherwise, please contact us ahead of time so we may accommodate you.

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